Absolutely horrible predatory scam loan company. It just does not get any worse than this. Hard to understand why this is legal--I have a feeling they are not long in this world.

I tried it out and should have read the fine print--but there really wasn't anything at first that stopped me. Then the loan docs, who really reads those? We all should!

Thought it would help my credit but checked my credit after getting this loan and found out I was in the low 700's. So I kicked myself for doing it and now I can't wait to get out of it.

My first 5 payments (bi-weekly for $247) all got sent to the interest fairy. So paid nearly $1200 and my balance for the 6th payment was $2800. How can this happen on a $2600 loan?

It is just a matter of time before this despicable company is wiped off the face of the earth by thousands of pissed consumers. I hate the company so much, I wrote a blog to warn others: http://911patchprojectnews.blogspot.com/

Product or Service Mentioned: Rise Credit Loan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I, like so many others, took out a loan with RISE, believing they were going to help from going bancrupt. Due to high interest rates, plus the high payments, I am bankrupt.

It was a desperate time for me and they feed off desperate people. Now I can't even afford to pay my utilities. They're vultures swirling around their victims waiting for them to fall. And they don't care if it's your last breath, they're going to take it.

They will rob you of everything you own. If someone can post any information on who to contact to stop these thieves, I would be forever grateful.


I'm in the same boat, I made the mistake of not read their fine print now I'm stuck with the outrageous interest rate, not sure how this is gonna end up, a small 2,600 loan is gonna turn out to be close to 3600 or even more, the have hidden fees , I'm ready to just not pay and let the chips fall where they may, it's a huge scam for people trying to better their credit


If you can avoid this loan at all, I would plead with you to not get it. Although you can be approved and the money will be directly deposited into your bank account, read the FINE PRINT.

My loan was for 800. I have made two pmt in a month and my balance is still over 800. Idk how this is legal. Usury!!!

Regardless, I'm stuck in it now for another 12 weeks. Also, when tring to change pmt draft dates, double check. I had mine set up to come out on the 28th of this month and they withdrew it 3 days early. Not cool at all.

I now owe bank overdraft fees. It's better to use a pawn shop or payday loan, than to accept 300% + interest rates!!!

Just some friendly advice as a struggling mother of 4 with decent credit, that this loan will probably destroy! :'(


I hate to Say it but all loans are high interest for low amounts. Plus It's like a car loan the first some many payyments go to interest first then start on the loans after. Any loan expert will tell you this.


If you would've taken the time to read how much interest they charged, you would've seen that it starts at 150%. You have no one to blame for this but yourself. This company will not go out of business as long as there are people just like you, that can't read, and sign anything for that little bit of cash so they can get that big tv from walmart.

to Anonymous #1001196

I was with you 100% (previous commentor ) about advising to read the fine print but you completely lost me with the jaded Walmart comment. If serious or not, there are some people out their that like me lost their health ( with no explained reason) their job , their health care, both their parents whom were millionaires but equity is in a untouchable Trust.

And almost their dignity to live. At the worst times , I didn't have food to eat for weeks ( during the festive time of Christmas) and just prayed that I would survive. I became desparate and found the instant relief of this high interest loan and for my circumstances, I was thankful for the possiblity and just bore the responsibility to pay back.

Please stand clear of this judgement that people take out loans for high priced item that are beyond their reach. My high priced item was life itself.

to Anonymous #1016360

Did that make you sleep good? People have life struggles and will do anything to help themselves.

If 2600 is a small amount to you well then how *** great i hope your life is so perfect.

I bet your *** spends a lot of time at walmart you peice of ***, and i also hope that you go *** bankrupt so you can see what its like to need a loan and then i hope you can qualify for one so that you have to sit your *** outside of walmart begging for freaking money. HAVE A GREAT DAY YOU ***

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