Rise Credit Payday Loan Reviews


With Official Company Response

I have been using this company since 2013, As long as you read all the information and understand what you are signing up for you will have no problem.I had one issue recently where I paid off a loan and the loan still shows it open with a zero balance therefore, I am unable to request a new loan. Other then that they have been great. The interest limits a little higher, but all loan companies are high. I have also had my credit limit go higher...
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I liked
  • Rapid funding of loans
  • Quick funding
  • Next day bank deposit
I didn't like
  • Extensive delay in correcting a problem
They obviously have high interests rates, but rise credit isn't the problem. The banks not lending money to average everyday working class people making under 40 grand is the issue. I used to be able to get a loan from my bank for 1,000 that would cost me 1200 in 6 months. I basically paid back 200 a month and clear and free. But banks stopped lending to the public over 10 years ago. They would much rather take a risk on Donald Trump. Don't...
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