I got a lone from Rise the amount I won't discuss, but when I saw their payback plan it looked good, and the APR was suppose to be a little high not almost 400% APR. So I am screwed paying this lone back for 36 month but not knowing that they are charging me interest per day on that lone on top of my High APR so the monthly payment that I am making don't even make a dent it the bill, giving them more money.

I estimated that in the 36 months I will have paid them almost 10,000 dollars after that 36 months. I don't recommend this loan company it is a Loan Shark company and will *** every chance they get.

Sure you get the money but you are double dipped by them and that is sneaky, I am going to research this more and see if I can fight the interest that they are charging me per day. Stay Away From RISE CREDIT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rise Credit Loan.

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They clearly state that they should be a last resort. They do not hide their high fees /interest and state to pauy them off to reduce high interest .

No matter how high the fees are they don't lie about it. I have used them in the past and i am using them now.

yes would I rather have another lower fee option but I don't. They have always been courteous and helpful when I have had to call them.

North Augusta, South Carolina, United States #1190811

I have to ask if your telling us this and you say how much your paying them back why cant you tell us the amount they gave.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1176115

They are an expensive way to borrow but they clearly state the terms and they list you should pay it off as quickly as possible. I've borrowed and repaid early with them a few times and honestly haven't had any issues.

You should reach out to them and ask if you pay slightly higher payments would those payments be applied to the principal and if yes do that which should help you. Good luck!

to Anonymous #1609770

Are you employed by RISE? Did RISE pay you to post an anonymous post to make them look good?


Have you received any information in regards to this account and if you can fight the daily interest amount?


When u fine out if anything can be done please inform the rest of the world as you know a lot if people have fell in this fix like myself.


I have had multiple loans throughout the years with this company and it clearly states what the costs will be. My loans haven't been large and were short term 10 payment loans, but they have always been great and easy to work with. Yes it is an expensive way to borrow, but if you need money now and are out of options they are there.




Is there anyone or anywhere you can get a small loan to consolidate your finances? I have had a bankruptcy and a poor score on my credit report.

I have tried everywhere but all say "NO" I borrowed from a family member, I'd like to get them paid off it's only less than $1000 and I have 2 outstanding car repair bills of less than $1000.

So Im only looking to consolidate all three into one payment So I dont have to keep these people waiting. Any suggestions?


I agree with you! They will mess you up and over run as fast as you can to get away from this company. A very very very disrespectful company.


File a report with the FTC so they can be investigated


Thanks !!!

Vallejo, California, United States #1024626

I just read over just the loan and pay back and all I can say is you have to really be in a financial funk and if you don't have it know how in the world can you pay it back for



5000=12866.4 now if you can afford to pay these amounts then you don't need to borrow you need to save this is ridiculous


Thats crazy *** all companies like rise are garbage


Most of these loans are like that. They know the people that are applying are in great need for the money so they make the payback amount, as someone said, almost double of the amount you are asking for. You are in worst shape financially that you first started.

The little neighborhood pay day advances work out better if you are not apply for a large loan.


Never a got darn gain will I go back paid that *** off

Los Angeles, California, United States #895922

yup....stay away from these company ( risecredit )do the math..you barrow $5,000.00...and your payment will be $265.00 every two weeks...so thats make it $530.00 a month payable for 50 months...came up $26,500.00...wow.....same thing with the cashcall stay away from these people PLEASE....

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #876581

Guess you didn't read the AGREEMENT that is clearly posted on the back.. Basically, and don't take this the wrong way because I mean no harm, but If you even entertained this type of loan then you are in financial dire need anyway..

This is clearly not loan sharking but an expensive form of getting some much needed money when you are in a jam.. It's no different from payday loans.. which are also a last attempt to get much needed money.. and honestly and with much respect to you and your situation..


YOU signed up for this OVERPRICED loan.. YOU..

to overdalimit Granada Hills, California, United States #967074

they solicit people with financial difficulties. it should be against the law!!!

to overdalimit #1041219

I just applied now hope I don't get the loan after reading all these comments!

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