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I was excited using Rise... learned a lot about financial management, it actually improved my credit score. I finished paying off last week on Monday. I was told after 3 days I could reapply and receive a lower interest rate. I was super excited... I CANNOT LOG...
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RISE Credit Response

Hi!Thank you for taking time to post your experience with RISE. We're sorry to hear about your account access issue.We would like the opportunity to research your request and...

on 10/4 16 try to applied for loan from this company call RISE credit i been approve i dont know how much but i try to applied $ 2000 to $5000 make this short so sign there site so i wait for next day if someone call me because i am tired running around next day i...
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Absolutely horrible predatory scam loan company. It just does not get any worse than this. Hard to understand why this is legal--I have a feeling they are not long in this world. I tried it out and should have read the fine print--but there really wasn't anything at...
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I'm in the same boat, I made the mistake of not read their fine print now I'm stuck with the outrageous interest rate, not sure how this is gonna end up, a small 2,600 loan is...


If you can avoid this loan at all, I would plead with you to not get it. Although you can be approved and the money will be directly deposited into your bank account, read the...


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