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  • Customers like
    • Rapid funding of loans 7
    • Next day bank deposit 7
    • Installment plan 5
  • Customers don't like
    • High interest rate 14
    • Lack of customer service knowledge 9
    • Customer service 8

Lies they tell you lies

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I borrowed money 2x with Rise. The payments were exactly what they claimed they would be, but when you are paying a daily charge of $3.00 per day, you will pay back much more than you borrow. They are quick about getting you the money and they do disclose the payments. I only borrowed from them because I really needed the money and did not want to borrow from family. The moral of the story is read the disclosures very carefully and know what... Read more

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As i still have not been able to log in to see if i qualify for a loan its only been 3 weeks and hundreds of phone calls trying resolve the problem and now the proces has started over again. With a help desk ticket which i am sure they will say there is no problem again Read more

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on 10/4 16 try to applied for loan from this company call RISE credit i been approve i dont know how much but i try to applied $ 2000 to $5000 make this short so sign there site so i wait for next day if someone call me because i am tired running around next day i call they i talk to there employee and told me that i have to make a copy of my ID and my social security card so i did that so i sent to them so i wait i wait call follow up to... Read more

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Call me i asked twice waiting for acall u owe me my bank fee your ck is blocked from my acct until paid i will send a money do not attempt to cash ck Read more

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Applied for credit with Rise... No where was it clearly stated that my payment would be based on my pay from my job and quite frankly I don't see what that has to do with anything anyway. I was under the impression I would have monthly payments, I used the money to get myself outta debt, lol and behold now I find out because I get paid weekly I'm getting withdrawed from bi-weekly. Now I'm in a bigger financial bind than I was before. Called and... Read more

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These people take advantage of people and munipalated me I paid back my loan full amount 7 days after I got it I have proof from my bank its paid and they are calling me a liar won't respond back to me their customer service is horrible after my debit card was approved they said it declined and ran it again without my permission I immediately changed all my checking account info - please anyone my advise it's not worth it and is extremely... Read more

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The repayment of their loans are extremely high. Do not get money from them Read more

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Poor customer service. Made payments timely for several months since I got the loan. Lost my job and still paid after three months of being unemployed. After that, still had no luck of finding another job then the collection calls start to come. I communicated with them over and over and no assistance was provided. Only told me that the collection efforts will continue. Wow! Read more

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Although Rise is very high in interest and payments, the loan came in handy for emergency, short-term need. I have re-financed and payments became cheaper. Rise has helped improve my credit score. After my loan is paid off, I will discontinue service because of inability to log in. The website keeps looping to the sign-in page; customer service reps give the run-around trouble shooting internet browsers, just to transfer you to technical... Read more

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